The Silent Stranger

Lo Straniero Di Silenzio

(1969) (Released in 1974)


The Stranger - Tony Anthony


The American - Lloyd Battista


Also Starring: Kin Omae, Kenji Ohara, Sato, Yoshio Nukano

Directed by - Luigi Vanzi


Reviewed version - New Entertainment DVD (Germany)

The story starts in Klodike 1884, where the stranger runs into a Japanese who offes him $20.000, if he takes a scroll to a man in Japan. Well in Japan alongside with his horse 'Pussy', The Stranger find himself in the 'two bosses, one town' setup where money can be made.

Storywise not much new, but location wise yes. Japan was featured in some of the 'East meets West' Spaghettis but not as the main location like in this one. There is also the language barrier. No subtitles are presented and the viewer feels himself just as an outsider as The Stranger. There is not much dialogue though and even if you don't know Japanese it's easy enough to understand whats going on by following the emotions. Tony Anthony also narrates The Strangers thoughts to some level.

Tony Anthony's stress free Stranger character, who's not always that efficient but always comes out as the winner, is made it for easy, fun, not to take too serious watching. He doesn't wield a shotgun in this one but a modified, huge, front-loading rifle. There are only three guns present in Japan: The Strangers revolver, a machinegun and the front-loader. Which makes out to some sword fighting when the locals are fighting each other.

Needless to say a must for fans of Tony Anthony and the other 'Stranger' movies. Good fun for anyone though.


Kills: ~48 The Stranger ~
  other ~


The Stranger: "-We got a problem. -We're both trying to get something for nothing."

The Stranger: "-Just like home, there's two sure things, death and taxes."














16 August 2009