The Great Silence

Il Grande Silenzio


Silenzio - Jean Louis Trintignant


Tigrero/Loco - Klaus Kinski


Sheriff - Frank Wolff


Directed by - Sergio Corbucci


Kills: 37

Silenzio - ††††† ††††† †

Tigrero - ††††† †

other - ††††† ††††† ††††† †††††


Reviewed version - Italian slightly widescreen + Fantoma DVD

This is my personal favourite Spaghetti Western. The movie is filmed in beautiful snow landscapes. It΄s a tale about a silent man, his throat was cut when he a child and so he is mute. It really puts a new meaning to "the silent stranger". Silenzio draws second, and shoots first. He is a "hired gun". The bountykillers, with Tigrero at their lead, kills outlaws without pity. Therefore the boutykillers are portayed as the bad guys since the prize on the outlaws heads is put there without rightful means.

A sheriff is sent into the town of Snowy hill, since the killing has gone over hands. When Tigrero kills a certain outlaw, the widow hires Silenzio to kill him. Tigrero is not stupid, he knows Silenzios kill tactic and does not draw first. Silenzio gets hurt and Tigrero arrested. After Tigrero has finished the sheriff, he moves in on Silenzio and the outlaws. It all ends in a massacre, the ending makes this movie even more interesting since the "hero" lost and it is Tigrero and his gang who ride away in the sunrise.

Ennio Morricone does once again a great job with the music, the title music is one of my favourites.

If you like spaghettis and haven't seen this one you've missed a lot. A true classic.


English and Italian version dialogue vary in some of the scenes, here's an example:

When Sheriff meets Loco/Tigrero for first time:

English version: Sheriff: "-Tell me something oldtimer, are we within the jurisdiction of Snow Hill county?" Oldtimer: "-Yes, you can arrest or hang anyone you want." Sheriff: "-Thanks alot."

Italian version: Sheriff: (about Tigrero) "-Who is this man who wears a priests hat and a womans scarf?" Oldtimer: "-Tigrero, I wouldn't recommend getting to know him." Sheriff: "-Thanks alot."

Music clips: The Great Silence.mp3

Barbara e Tagliente.mp3