Sonny And Jed

J & S - Storia Criminale Del Far West



Jed - Tomas Milian


Sonny - Susan George


Franciscus - Telly Savalas


Also Starring: Rosanna Yanni, Franco Giacobini, Eduardo Fajardo, Herbert Fux, Gene Collings.


Directed by - Sergio Corbucci



Jed  -

Sonny -

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Reviewed version - Japanese Laserdisc DVD-R

Jed is a wanted bandit, with sheriff Franciscus, sworn to catch him, on his tail. Jed avoids a near catch with the help of Sonny, who want to join Jed and learn how to become a bandit. Unwillingly Jed takes her with him and a love-hate relationship has begun.

Since this is a movie by Sergio Corbucci one can expect quality. The camerawork and directing is all fine. Milian is funny and at his usual, a bit heavy on the swearing, which might disturb some people. I found it funny, "-I love you, you motherfucker!"

This not a usual love story set in the Spaghetti West, which one might think it is. There's really more hate than love between the two partners, atleast in the first half of the movie. Not too much action but Milian fans will have a good time.


Some dialogue:

Jed: "-Who ever thought of spaghetti was a genious, he must have made a damn fortune."

Sonny: "-How much money do we have now?" Jed: "-We have two fucking dollars."

Music clip: Sonny And Jed.mp3




29 August 2006