A Stranger In Town

Un Dollaro Tra I Denti


The Stranger - Tony Anthony


Aquila - Frank Wolff


Directed by - Luigi Vanzi


Kills: 48

The Stranger -

Aquila -

other - 0


Reviewed version - Alfa Digital DVD-R (Note the screenshots have been improved and do not match the picture quality of the DVD-R. Here is an unmodified screenshot from the DVD-R)

The Stranger rides into the deserted Mexican town. Aquila and his men kills a bunch of Mexican soldiers and the Stranger proposes a deal with Aquila to steal some gold from the US Army. After the job Aquila does not want to share and doublecrosses the Stranger. The Stranger does not give up and begins to pursuit Aquila's gang and the gold. Suprise, suprise! He gets cought and beaten but that never stopped an SW anti-hero.

This is pretty much a remake of Fisful of Dollars. There's no suprises, just a simple, entertaining SW that gets even better if you watch it with a few beers. A bit slow towards the middle and at some points it feels like a silent movie since nothing is spoken. Just the music in the background and sometimes not even that. One of the guitar tunes (second clip) is played maybe too many times and gets a bit annoying. Otherwise the music is decent.

Tony Anthony and Frank Wolff are both great in this one. The Stranger is cool and the shotgun does the rest.

What kind of movie is this? It's a fair movie. Not trying to be any more than it is. Simple fun.


Some dialogue:

The Stranger: "-What ever was to say has been said. -Now I want the gold. All of It!"

Music clips: A Stranger In Town 1.mp3

A Stranger In Town 2.mp3





3 April 2005