The Stranger Returns

Un Uomo, Un Cavallo, Una Pistola


The Stranger - Tony Anthony


En Plein - Dan Vadis


Directed by - Luigi Vanzi


Kills: 25

The Stranger -

En Plein -

other - 0


Reviewed version - Alfa Digital DVD-R

Tony Anthonys returns as The Stranger. This time the he gets involved in a story that evolves around a stagecoach made of gold. Ofcourse there are also bandits after the gold and The Stranger gets in trouble with them.

Some of the few sequels that are better than the original. Not by much, but the story is wider. We have a similiar shotgun shootout in the finale, like in the first Stranger movie. This time with a four barrelled shotgun. Prior to that The Stranger does not do much resistance and and seem weak, taking his beatings and digging some graves. That seems to be part of being The Stranger. In some way Tony Anthony makes it cool to be weak since he doesn't seem to mind it too much.

They seem to have learned from the first Stranger movie that they need a wider range of music and Stelvio Cipriani does his part fine.


Some dialogue:

Bandit: "-How tall are you?" The Stranger: "-About six feet... Six with a hat." Bandit: "-Now how about that! -You can start digging another grave, the same size."

The Stranger: "-Well old man, we're going to rise some hell in Moon Village tonight."

Music clip: The Stranger Returns.mp3





16 June 2005