Sugar Colt



Tom Cooper / Sugar Colt  - Hunt Powers


Josefin - Soledad Miranda


Also Starring: Giuliano Raffaelli, Gina Rovere, Erno Crisa, Luis Barboo, Frank Braρa, Victor Israel, Josι Canalejas.


Directed by - Franco Giraldi


Kills: ~95

Sugar Colt - ††††† ††††† ††††† †††

other - ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† †† + ~50


Reviewed version - SPO Japan

A company of soldiers gets killed and the remaining kidnapped. A year later ex agent Tom Cooper is offered to find the missing soldiers. He travels to Snake Valley undercover as a doctor and begins his quest.

The movie appears well shot and directed, with a fairly high budget. Also nice locations and scenery. However it fails because of the main character Sugar Colt. As a doctor his a wimp and some stupid irritating music is playing when he comes riding. Not much is changed when he becomes Sugar Colt, only the death toll rises. Hunt Powers found his home in Demofilo Fidanis crappy westerns and somehow I feel that he fits there nicely. I much more enjoyed watching the cute Soledad Miranda.

The music is both good and bad, both can be heard in the trailer. Maybe I didn't pay enough attention, but I didn't get any reason why they kept the soldiers for a year and fed them. Actually I have no idea why they begun to mess with the soldiers in the first place.

The trailer speaks well for the movie, if you like the trailer you probably also find the movie to you liking.


Some dialogue:

Josefin: "-First you came and posed as a eccentric doctor and cause nothing but trouble. -Then you became Sugar Colt and you caused more trouble."




24 January 2007