A Taste Of Death

a.k.a Cost Of Dying

Quanto Costa Morire



Tony - Andrea Giordana


El - John Ireland


Scaif - Bruno Corazzari


Also Starring: Raymond Pellegrin, Betsy Bell, Giovanni Petrucci, Mirelle Granelli, Claudio Scarchilli, Fulvio Pellegrino, Giuseppe Altamura, Sergio Scarchilli, Ruggero Chessa


Directed by - Sergio Merolle


Kills: 43

Tony -

El -

Scaif -

other -


Reviewed version - VHS

A gang of cattle thiefs takes shelter from the snow in a small village and starts to terrorize the villagers. Tony manages to escape and together with El, who switches sides after his friend is killed, they begin to fight back.

There's something about snow movies that appeal to me, the atmosphere is great here, even if there's not as much snow as in say 'The Great Silence'. Directing is pretty good but the editing is at places poor, might be because the version I saw is probably cut. It got two duel scenes in which I hope they would have imitaded the Leone style more, now they're just done too fast. At one point they are throwing torches which one hits a cow and it's fur catches on fire, you see it for just a second or so, poor cow.

Andrea Giordana's Tony got the looks of a SW hero but here he is just an unexperienced boy. John Ireland's El is then again more of an American Western type hero. In comes Bruno Corazzari to save the day and his Scaif is a great bad guy.

Music by De Masi is pretty standard vocal SW stuff. Some like it some not.

Here's another movie for the list which needs to get a proper DVD release.

Music clip: Quanto Costa Morire.mp3





10 January 2008