Taste Of Killing

Per Il Gusto Di Uccidere



Hank "Lanky" Fellows - Craig Hill


Gus Kennebeck - George Martin


Directed by - Tonino Valerii


Kills: 72

Fellows -

other -


Reviewed version - Cine City DVD-R

Hank Fellows saves a gold shipment and is hired by the bank to protect the next shipment from the bandit Gus Kennebeck.

Tonino Valerii's first western is a good, basic, bounty hunting Spaghetti Western with a simple plot and simple characters. They threw in some revenge stuff also, but it's only mentioned a few times during the movie and not paid much attention on. Craig Hill is good as the sniper bounty hunter who can't read. This was the first Spaghetti Western I saw with Craig Hill. Rest of the cast wasn't any special, but many familiar faces. Also familiar Leone locations. Tonino did learn something from Leone while being the assistant director in 'For A Few Dollars More', it shows.


Some dialogue:

Sanchez: "-The only time a soldier is your friend is when he's lying dead at your feet. -I want lot's of friends like that. -We're not leaving any witnesses, just food for vultures."

Fellows: "-I never go where I can send a bullet."

Gus: "-There's a rat too many in Texas, until Hank Fellows dies."

Music clip: Main Theme.mp3




23 January 2006