Tepepa - Tomas Milian


Colonel Cascorro - Orson Welles


Henry Price - John Steiner


Directed by - Giulio Petroni


Kills: 65

Tepepa -

Cascorro -

Price -

other -


Reviewed version - AY DVD (Italian)

The Mexican Revolution is over and the revolutionary Tepepa has been thrown in jail. Tepepa is not satisfied with the outcome of the revolution. He gets another chance when the English doctor Henry Price arrives in Mexico with an agenda of his own.

A bit slow paced and boring from time to time without enough action. We get some flashbacks of the revolution. The plot is a bit sad, not much comedy or fun in this one. The actors and directing however makes up for the flaws making 'Tepepa' a decent Zapata Spaghetti Western.

The English version on the AY DVD include some parts without audio, namely those cut from the Italian version. They didn't do Italian audio with English subtitles on those parts.

Ennio Morricone's music is once again nice, however I'm not willing to give full points for the music.


Some dialogue:

Cascorro: "-Who are you?" Tepepa: "-Jesus Maria Moran, Tepepa. -Tierra Y Libertad." Cascorro: "-Quite a name, Chico."

Woman: "-And now Tepepa?" Tepepa: "-Find men, find weapons and fight againg like before."

Music clip: Al Messico Che Vorrei.mp3




26 December 2005