Today It's Me... Tomorrow You !

Oggi A Me... Domani A Te!


Bill Kiowa - Montgomery Ford


O'Bannion - Bud Spencer


Colt Moran - William Berger


Elfego - Tatsuya Nakadai


Directed by - Tonino Cervi


Kills: 43

Bill & Co -

other -


Reviewed version - English slightly widescreen (92min)

As the name says we are dealing with a revenge tale again. It lends a lot from other movies, like in the beginning when Kiowa is let out from the jail, after spent some time training with a wooden gun, the scene has resemblance to the one in Deat Rides a Horse. Also when Kiowa picks himself a gun I couldn't help thinking of Tuco and GBU. And for the "Django" resemblance we only have to take a look at Kiowas clothes and we see they use the same tailor.

Elfego raped and killed Bill Kiowas wife and framed him for a robbery. Kiowa is not a lone revenger, he hires some help from four men, after all Elfego has a big gang. Thats about it, just the 5 men hunting down Elfego. The biggest part that disturbs me is the location where it's filmed. It for sure ain't Spain. Looks a bit like Germany in autumn and that does not fit into a Spaghetti Western. The cast isn't much to mention, only Berger who does atleast some acting. This version runs at 92 minutes. There are longer versions available which might give some more "depth" to the movie so keep that in mind.


Some dialogue:

Kiowa: "-That's $5000, there's $5000 more when the job is done."

Badguy: "-You know, I've always heard that fat men really smell bad."

Kiowa: "-Morano. I was hoping to kill him myself. Colt: "-Gee, im terribly sorry."