Personal Top List

(From top to bottom)

The Great Silence

For A Few Dollars More

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Light The Fuse... Sartana Is Coming

Day Of Anger

The Big Gundown

Once Upon A Time In The West

Duck You Sucker / Fistful Of Dynamite

Fistful Of Dollars


Death Rides A Horse

Face To Face

Kill Them All And Come Back Alone

Ace High

The Specialist

My Name Is Nobody

The Mercenary

No Room To Die

Have a Good Funeral, My Friend... Sartana Will Pay

Death Sentence

Shoot, Gringo... Shoot!



Adiós Sabata

Run, Man, Run!

Texas Adiós


If You Meet Sartana Pray For Your Death


I Am Sartana Your Angel Of Death

God Forgives... I Don't

They Call Him Cemetery

A Bullet For The General

They Call Him Holy Ghost

The Grand Duel

They Call Me Hallelujah

The Moment To Kill

The Stranger Returns

Dead Men Ride

Taste Of Killing

A Stranger In Town

A Pistol For Ringo

Those Dirty Dogs

Cemetery Without Crosses


Price Of Power

Navajo Joe



Sartana's Here... Trade Your Pistol For A Coffin

Vengeance is Mine

$10.000 Blood Money

I Want Him Dead

The Boldest Job In The West

Any Gun Can Play

Night Of The Serpent

The Bounty Killer

They Call Me Trinity

One After Another


The Silent Stranger

A Taste Of Death

W Django!

The Five Man Army

A Bullet For Sandoval

Sonny And Jed

Arizona Colt

Return Of Ringo

A Genius, Two Partners And A Dupe

Trinity Is Still My Name


Arizona Colt Returns

Comin' At Ya!

Sartana Kills Them All

Ben And Charlie

Death Played The Flute


And God Said To Cain

Forgotten Pistolero

I'll Sell My Skin Dearly


Boot Hill

Viva Django

Last Of The Badmen

Taste of Vengeance

Fighting Fists Of Shanghai Joe

Johnny Yuma

Apocalypse Joe

Ringo, Face Of Revenge

A Minute To Pray, A Second To Die

Buddy Goes West

Return Of Halleluja

Django Last Killer

El Puro

7 Dollars On The Red

Arriva Sabata

In A Colt's Shadow

Jonathan Of The Bears

Django Kill ...If You Live, Shoot!


32 Caliber Killer

The Dirty Outlaws

God Forgive: His Life Is Mine

Kill And Pray

Django Strikes Again


Sugar Colt

A Reason To Live, A Reason To Die

Black Killer

Minnesota Clay

Massacre Time

Get Mean

Price Of Death

Fasthand Is Still My Name

Some Dollars For Django

Find A Place To Die

God's Gun

The Stranger and The Gunfighter

Man, Pride and Vengeance

Beyond The Law

Cut-Throats Nine

Return Of Sabata

Shoot The Living... Pray For The Dead

Sartana In The Valley Of Death

Today It's Me... Tomorrow You!

Django The Bastard

Acquasanta Joe

Four Of The Apocalypse

Adios Compañeros