They Call Me Trinity

Lo Chiamavano Trinità


Trinity - Terence Hill


Bambino - Bud Spencer


Directed by - E.B. Clucher


Kills: 5

Trinity - †† (+ wounds 2)

Bambino - †††


Reviewed version - English widescreen

Not much shooting in this one, it's a comedy spaghetti, but even more fighting instead. So if you are familiar with the Hill/Spencer movies you know what to wait for.

Trinity rides into the town, where Bambino is the sheriff. Bambino is actually a horsethief on run hiding behind the law. Trinity and Bambino are brothers, atleast they share the same mother, but they don't come very good along. Trinity starts to work as his deputy. The bad guy is the town mayor. A group of religious people has settled in a valley which he want for his horses. He tries to scare the farmers off but Trinity and Bambino helps them, Bambino because he want's to get his hands on the mayor's horses, Trinity just to have something to do.


Some dialogue:

Farmer: "-You'll pay for this on judgement day." Badguy: "-Allright, but until that day, don't show your faces around here."

Bambino: "-Don't call me Bambino!" Trinity: "-Want me to call you sheriff?" Bambino: "-Don't call me at all, not even if you are drowning."