Sartana In The Valley Of Death

Sartana Nella Valle Degli Avvoltoi


Lee Galloway - William Berger


Jason Craig - Wayde Preston


Directed by - Roberto Mauri


Kills: 15

Lee Galloway -

Jason Craig -

other - 0


Reviewed version - C'est La Vie DVD, 79min

First of all this one has nothing to do with Sartana. Secondly the C'est La Vie DVD is cut approximately 15 minutes. So we are starting off very badly here and believe me it's not much to view.

Lee Galloway is an outlaw. He helps the Craig brothers out of prison for 50% of the gold they robbed. The Craig brothers obviously doesn't want to share so they betray him. Galloway survives and heads after them. They end up in a situation where Galloway has all the guns but no horse, while the Craig brothers have horses and no guns. The brothers stay out of range of Galloways guns and try to tire him while he crosses the Valley of Death.

I can't say if this would have been better without the cuts. Probably not by much. Very boring and not much action. I was kind of gladly surprised in the end. When Galloway approach the Craig widow I was sure he was going to give her and her son some of the gold, but Galloway just smiles and rides away.

The music ain't much to mention either but some might like it. William Berger is far from his best and the Valley of Death looks like a sandpit.

Just don't spend your money on the C'est La Vie DVD, it's not worth it.


Some dialogue:

Lee Galloway: "-Looked for gold but only found lead."

Music clip: King For A Day.mp3