Vengeance Is Mine

a.k.a. 100,000 Dollars Per Killing

Per 100,000 Dollari T'Ammazzo



John Forest - Gianni Garko


Clint Forest - Claudio Camaso


Also Starring: Piero Lulli, Claudie Lange, Susanne Matrinkova, Bruno Corazzari, Carlo Gaddi, Andrea Scotti, Silvio Bagolini, Fernando Sancho


Directed by - Giovanni Fago


Kills: 45

John -

Clint -

other -


Reviewed version - Franco Cleef DVD-R

John Forest is a bounty hunter, his half brother Clint is wanted by the law. John has some unfinished business from their past to also get even with Clint. When Clint steals 50.000 in gold from the army he also gets a gang of bandits, who where after the gold, on his tail. The Civil War is raging in the background.

All the Spaghetti Western elements are here. Bountyhunting, gold, revenge, betrayal, torture, flashbacks... Still a bit slow paced at moments. Garko is great in a pre-Sartana role. I found Claudio Camaso a bit annoying.

Very similar to '$10.000 Blood Money'. If you like one you will like the other. I would however rate 'Vengeance is Mine' better by an inch.


Some dialogue:

John: "-There's no use in telling the truth, I can take care of Clint myself."

Two Gun Gary: "-I'll make you talk, if I have to cut your throat open to look for the words..."




22 January 2007