W Django!

aka A Man Called Django, Viva Django



Django - Anthony Steffen


Carranza - Clauco Onorato


Jeff - Stelio Candelli


Also Starring: Cris Avram, Donato Castellaneta, Esmeralda Barros, Simone Blondel, Giovanni Cianfriglia, Riccardo Pizzuti, Benito Stefanelli, Furio Meniconi

Directed by - Eduardo Mulargia (as Edward G. Muller)


Reviewed version - New Entertainment DVD

Django's wife is killed and to get to the killers he need to team up with thief Carranza, who knows the killers and their whereabouts. They have to get involved in some gundealing to get to their targets.

You might think it's a pretty standard revenge flick, not totally right. The revenge feels being left more in the background, Django could have worked for money just as well. Only when the revenge is taken, the musical box plays to recall the reason. There's a pinch of comedy but otherwise gritty enough to be taken seriously. Lots of gunfights take place, usually Django (& Carranza) versus all. Some Steffen-typical gimmick kills also takes place. Steffen fits good enough in his character, we get the usual Steffen anyway. No Django connections but the name. Clauco Onorato is set up as a Tuco-like character, not too bad of an impersonation but there is only one Tuco. Stelio Candelli is good, he could have made a great anti-hero in a Spaghetti Western i.m.o. A bunch of familiar Spagetti faces to be spotted. The last moments in the movie are nicely put together, ending is not too big of a suprise since there is a big hint halfway through the movie.

Great music score by Piero Umiliani. The main theme is abapted into many versions throught the movie, they could have used it even more to get that "Opera of Death" SW feeling. I'm sure to keep my ears open for more of Umiliani's Spaghetti soundtracks.

Eduardo Mulargia manages to put together a decent Spaghetti Western. Not a classic but good enough.


Kills: 87 Django - (57)
  Carranza -
  other -














22 August 2009