Adios Compaρeros

a.k.a. Western Story, Fistful of Death

Giϊ La Testa... Hombre



Macho - Jeff Cameron


Ironhead - Gordon Mitchell


Reverend Cotten - Klaus Kinski

Butch - Hunt Powers



Directed by - Demofilo Fidani (as Miles Deem)



Macho - ††††† ††

other - ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† †


Reviewed version - German Best Entertainment DVD

Butch's (Sundance) gang steals a loot from another gang. One of them survives, Macho, who swears revenge.

Demofilo Fidani is responsible for some of the worst SW's. Since he clearly cannot make a good movie, they tried to save them by adding names like Django and Sartana to the titles. Since this is still a very bad movie, the DVD company had to put Klaus Kinski on the cover in a costume from another movie, to lure people to buy it. Kinski has just a tiny part in this one. The DVD is as bad as the movie. It's fullscreen, the colors are bleach, there's a big 'The Uncut Version' printed on the cover. With the running time of 84 minutes makes me wonder. They should have cut it to a 5 minute short movie to be watchable.

The acting and dubbing is horrible, the plot is difficult to follow, the music is too happy, 2 saddlebags with dynamite keep exploding for a minute all over the town... this is utterly crap. There are two fun things in this film, Kinksi breaking up a fight and Kinski with a fruit basket eating an apple. That is not much, avoid at all costs.


Some dialogue:

"-Hey son, why are you choppin' all that firewood?" Macho: "-Well, the winter is coming on."

Butch: "-I want Ironhead left to me, I change his name to Leadhead."




22 July 2006